Kukuje - Holstein Dog Treats

At KUKUJE, we combine traditional recipes from Nepal with North German cheese trade. And what's the result?

A vegetarian snack for man's favourite quadruped. We think, dog food does not always have to consist of meat and certainly does not need any additives. Following the centuries old example of Nepalese farmers, KUKUJE produces Churpi - the cheese snack for dogs - in Germany under ultimate production standards and with the high-quality primary product of German quality milk. 

Kukuje Boulder - Churpi

KUKUJE Churpi consist of 100% hard chese. Produced following traditional recipes from the Himalayas, this hard cheese is a real speciality. Since ages, yak farmers at altitudes over 4,500 m have been producing churpi from pure cattle milk. To preserve it, the cheese is pressed and can be dried for months. Due to their unique consistency and intense taste, our hard KUKUJE Churpi are perfectly suited as a vegetarian alternative to chew bones and keep even the strongest chewer occupied for some time.

Convincing benefits

natural occupation

supports the reduction of

stress and relaxation


100% quality milk without

any artificial additives

Handmade in Germany

manufactured under the highest quality standards by Nepalese master chese-makers

Gluten - Free

also suitable for sensitive animals

with allergies and intolerances

Dental Care

increases tartar abrasion,

boosting the chewing muscles


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